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Since 2008 I follow a djembe course. I noticed that it was easier to remember the rhythms by taking videos during the course and study them later on. Since I profit from these videos I want to share this with others.

I love playing the djembe and music in general and I have no commercial intent at all. My goal is to share knowledge and resources, for others to enjoy my passion and to learn more about djembe. I hope you will progress with these videos. Thanks for your interest in this site.

If anyone knows the name of a rhythm please let me know. For the time being unknown rhythms are given a fictitious name.

Latest additions:
Koredjuga Improvisation Kapacan on
doun douns
Kapacan on djembe Soko (Sökö) Kurubi w doun accomp.
Dembadon Kurubi simple Kurubi ext. with doun doundoun
for djansa
Alphabetical order:
Clac poum pede
Badougou Balla Clac poum pede Dembanon
Didadi Jagb
Dibi Dibi Didadi Djagbe Djansa
Fankanie Break PR Grand appel
Doun accomps Fankanie Faou péta lou schort and more breaks Grand appel
Kuku Kuku Kuku
Kapacan Koredjuga Kouly Kuku
Maracadon Maracadon
Kurubi (Kouroubi) Mandiani Maraca Maracadon
Patapetipa Serie Soli
Mysterious Egg Patapetipa Serie Sika
Soli Soli Maracadon Soli
Sofa Soko (Sökö) Soli (ternary) Soli (binary)
Tiriba To and Ta Yankadi
Soli des Manian Tiriba Learn to play
to and ta
unknown rhythms
under construction
Serie (6x)
Accompaniments :
binary accomp ternary accomp accomp toutoto  
Other YouTube video's :
Gilbert Elion :
Toro 1st acc Soli 1st and 2nd Soli 1st and 2nd acc with dundun Yankadi
Toro 1st acc Soli 1st and 2nd Soli 1st and 2nd acc with dundun Yankadi
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popular call      


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