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Thursday , may 11 2006

Welcome everybody

From this moment on, I will keep this weblog up-to-date so everybody, or at least me, can read how to obtain such a luscious house in France, or ... how one tries to get such a house, because at this moment we still live in the Netherlands.
It has been really like spring for at least 10 days now in the Netherlands (and I mean real beach weather), the birds are chattering happily, flowers growing and everybody is happy and gay. It shouldn’t become much better, or I'll get regrets of our plans to be. Last Sunday our dear neighbors threw a surprise parting party. I was closer to crying than laughing. All the happy skipping children and the happy neighbors, it gave me a croak in the throat.
Worst of all, Ruud and Jitze are in the South of France shivering with cold and dampness. It's almost like the world is upside down. I can only hope this beautiful weather in the Netherlands won't last for months. And when by magic al the vinex suburbs will disappear, the bees return in all gardens and all scooters drive into the river Maas and ugly office buildings will be attacked by millions of ants, woodlice and cockroaches, then I will stay for sure and not go to France, I promise.
But I still see a lot of tarmac, pedestrian crossings, motorways, lampposts, traffic signs, cars, monumental farms rebuilt into offices, scooters snarling in front of me at the traffic lights, families with sagging bellies and boobs that don't care a bit about the suffering of animals and what they feed on daily, claustrophobic crowds at Rotterdam Central Station at literally any time of the day, politicians using cliché’s like 'it cannot be that...', 'I'm profoundly shocked by...', 'this cannot happen again...', belch, I can’t stand it anymore, I just have to leave.
Maybe I'll be 'back in six months time, with empty pockets and sincere sorrow about the grievances I've shed on me and my surroundings' , as our accountant hissed at me, but at least I will know why.

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