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Sunday, October 14, 2006


France has lost from England, yesterday in the semi finals of the Coupe du Monde de Rugby 2007. Sebastian Chabal fell down in the grass and weeped like a small child.

I dont know much more about Rugby than that there are 15 players (le XV de France) and the ball has to pass the line of the other team. Either by scoring a 'try' (the player pushes the ball over the line of the other team, this gives 5 points), or by kicking the ball through the two goal poles (this wins 2 to 3 points). The victory of the English over the French seems well earned to me, since they were the only ones to score a try in the first minutes of the game.

I couldn't make heads nor tales from the last half hour of the game. Penalty's were made and England had the lead. It was a battle of titans where the French with superhuman powers tried to make their way to the ingoal area, in which they failed utterly miserably.

Whatever, I love France even more now for the simple reason that Vercingétorix ( still lives here.

Vercingétorix throws down his weapons before César, painting by L. Royer (1888)

I had to cry too

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